How to Prepare Your Roof for the Spring

With a new season comes a  shift in weather patterns. This change can have a significant impact on your roof. Temperature changes put stress and strain on the seams of your roof membrane. During the spring and fall temperature cycles, expansion and contraction flex the membrane and sealants of your roof. As a result, these…

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Precautions Your Commercial Roofing Team Should Be Taking

Selecting a commercial roofing company can be a challenge. With the Internet at your fingertips, it only takes a quick search to find a seemingly endless list of potential options to tackle your roof repair, maintenance, or installation. Not only are you choosing a company to contribute to the long-term integrity of your building, but you’re also trying to balance factors like budget and project timeline in the process. However, the most critical factor to analyze should be the safety standards of the commercial roofing company you’re considering.

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Ponding Water

Ponding Water On a Roof: When Can it Damage Your Investment and How to Resolve Common Causes

For most building owners and property managers, protecting the roof system against water penetration has major ramifications for the value of the property. Ponding is the phenomenon of water pooling on flat roofs after storms, snow melts, or heavy rains. Pools should drain away without causing any damage to the structure – but owners and…

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Mid-South Roof Systems Team Members atop a roof doing roofing work

Defend Your Investment: 4 Membrane Considerations For Better Roofing ROI

When installing or updating the roof of a commercial building, owners and property managers must consider the roof’s membrane – and how it impacts their investment. The right choice in membrane – as well as the potential upgrades and additional materials – determine the difference between a resistant, long-lasting roof and one that costs thousands…

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