What Career Growth at Mid-South Really Looks Like

group of roofers on a flat roof
group of roofers on a flat roof

Did you know that nearly one-third of U.S. workers under the age of 40 considered changing careers during the pandemic? Whether this idea stemmed from job instability, reassessment of values, or a combination of both, many Americans are going back to the drawing board when it comes to their career paths.

While many employers may see this pivot on a job applicant’s resumé as a risk, at Mid-South, we see it as an opportunity. We are dedicated to hiring applicants at all different skill levels, and provide hands-on training for those starting fresh. 

Our leadership team is invested in cultivating long-term career paths. As a testament to that statement, we interviewed Dylan Edwards, our current Director of Employee Engagement. Dylan has worked both in the field and in the office and has grown and defined his career through many positions at Mid-South.

Keep reading to learn about how Dylan developed his career while working at Mid-South (and how you can too!)

How did you hear about Mid-South?

“It’s actually a pretty interesting story. I was trying to get out of a pest control job and was looking to branch off and find something I could do on my own. I was working on a water damage job and needed river rock, but it was extremely expensive.

I guess you could call it fate when I was driving down the road and saw a cardboard sign with “RIVER ROCK – ALL YOU CAN HAUL – $5”,  in front of Mid-South’s office. Mid-South had recently completed an over one million square foot re-roof project that required the removal of the existing ballast which was hauled back to their yard. I stopped in to grab some, met the man working in the warehouse, explained my story, and submitted an application that day. It’s been history ever since!”

What was your first position at Mid-South?

“In my interview, I said “Look, man. There are people that are afraid of things, and I’m afraid of heights. And ladders.”

So I got hired on as a driver, but before I knew it, I was spending my first few months doing service repairs, flashing HVAC units, and spending lots of time in the heat on top of roofs. I started feeling like maybe this wasn’t for me, and told my foreman I needed to find something else.

He didn’t let me give up.

He pushed me through the first two years, and then something just clicked: The acclimation period showed me the difference between a sports athletic ability and a general ergonomic athletic ability. There was definitely a huge crucible between the two, and once I got to the other side of it, it became something I never wanted to let go of. I started to see doors opening up and finally began seeing a future for myself. Shortly after that, I became a foreman.”

Can you describe your transition from where you began at Mid-South to where you are now?

“After starting as a Service Department Technician, I transitioned into a Service Foreman role. When I began working as a Service Foreman and seeing the effect my work had on customers, it became less about just earning a paycheck and more about the motivation I got from seeing how my work helped people. You’re there to save their day, they’re enthusiastic about it, and seeing that response is so rewarding.

Around this time was the recession, which brought huge changes to Mid-South. There was now a bigger focus on external education, technology, and career growth.  I was able to improve my communication skills, collaborate more with the guys below, and gain confirmation and confidence in the level of knowledge I had.

I started to get more involved in hiring and training with support from Darren (Mid-South’s President), and eventually developed the role of the Employee Development Trainer. We started to develop a clearer set of standards for our crew and provide better resources for them to do their jobs. I went back to the service department when an agent was out, and this gave me the opportunity to get closer with the guys and see the new process from their perspectives.

Initially, the switch from in-field to management was intimidating, but Mid-South’s leadership gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and the guidance to get me there. I don’t think I would’ve made the jump without them. I now hold the Director of Employee Engagement position, which allows me to work closely with both the guys in the field and the management team.”

What motivated you to continue growing in your career at Mid-South?

“The camaraderie. Mid-South is definitely a family environment, and everybody knows everybody way better than your normal coworker relationship. They are always willing to help you grow and learn. It’s more meaningful than just a paycheck.

A lot of roofers try to start in this industry without the financial resources or counsel needed to support them. Before coming to Mid-South, that was me. I didn’t have great pay, vacation days, a vehicle to take home, or the flexibility I needed when I had a personal issue going on. Coming to Mid-South, I got all of that.”

What is your favorite part about working at Mid-South?

“Being thanked by the younger guys who said they’ve learned something from me. That acknowledgment, to me, is probably the most satisfying thing. It’s a full-circle moment.”

Begin Your New Path at Mid-South

Dylan’s journey at Mid-South is not a unique occurrence. Here at Mid-South, we are dedicated to helping cultivate and specify your career path in order to meet your personal goals. Whether you’re starting a new path or looking for a supportive environment to continue your roofing career, Mid-South is here to help. 

We are always looking for new team members with diverse strengths and skillsets to join our family. Interested in applying? Check out our careers page here: https://msrs.com/roofing-jobs/



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