a man working on a commercial roof

9 Things Building Managers Need To Know About Re-Roofing

There are many things that a building manager needs to be aware of before a re-roof begins. We walk you through 9 potential tasks to keep in mind if your building needs a re-roof.

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roofers on a large flat roof

2021 Employee Wall of Fame

Our team is our biggest asset. We want to take time to recognize employees that went above and beyond in 2021.

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commercial flat roof with heavy machinery

The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Roofing

There are many important differences between residential roofs and commercial roofs. Our expert team breaks down the main contrasts.

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group of roofers on a flat roof

What Career Growth at Mid-South Really Looks Like

The Mid-South leadership team is invested in cultivating long-term career paths and seeing their employees succeed. Heaer about one employee’s journey of career growth on the blog.

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