Redefining Our Core Values


Mid-South Roof Systems wants to do business the right way. The leadership group of this decades-old, highly successful commercial roofing company has not just been resting on its reputation. Recently, over the course of several months, they spent countless hours evaluating, confirming, and sharpening what they hold dear: Mid-South’s core values.  

Crucial to the process of redefining these core values was input from Ron Newton, Mid-South’s founder and chairman. Since 1990 Ron’s original vision has guided the company upward to its current status as one of the largest, most successful commercial roofing companies in the nation. Ron’s key role in Mid-South’s continuing success made his participation in putting a finer point on the company’s core values indispensable.

Ron is a storyteller. The process of distilling and reshaping the core values naturally involved listening to him tell the tales of his experiences as he began and grew Mid-South. From the years of discussions, the leadership team identified two key concepts that Ron has always wanted to define the company: creating “a great place to work” and seeking “constant improvement.” With these in mind, the group fashioned and adopted four expressions that concisely express Mid-South’s past, present, and future: 

Forward Together

The Right Way

Secure Tomorrow

Be Better Today

Working together toward common goals is a concept inherent in “Forward Together.” The supervisors’ and department heads’ mentoring activity demonstrates this value as they stand alongside their employees to guide and encourage. As a team, Mid-South progresses into the future. And as we partner with vendors and customers with similar values, we can broaden our team and share our wins with valuable allies.

“The Right Way” means that corners do not get cut in Mid-South’s pursuit of successful partnerships. Coworkers and partners get treated the same way Mid-South employees would prefer being treated.

Safety is a high priority for Mid-South. Equally important is a deliberate plan to keep Mid-South financially stable to provide a bright future for those who work for the company. “Secure Tomorrow” unites these two company objectives.

There is no need to wait to improve. A word of instruction coming from a heartfelt desire to see an employee succeed is what “Be Better Today” is all about. Making positive changes as soon as possible makes for a happy, stable, and confident workforce. 

The recent unveiling of the refined core values could not have come at a better time for Mid-South. The Covid-19 pandemic followed on the heels of the core values publication bringing with it daunting challenges. But Mid-South’s unwavering commitment to these core values as it adjusted safety practices to conform to pandemic situations has provided a morale boost to the company. Employees are strengthened to work together during hard times knowing Mid-South is dedicated to safety here and now and future stability and success.  

These redefined core values are not just being stamped on placards and displayed around the jobsites, shop, and office. They are guiding how everyone at Mid-South works and grows together. This guidance extends to potential new hires who are receiving exposure to the core values even as they begin the hiring process. Old dogs are learning new tricks, too. Long-time employees are using these principles to evaluate and reform their daily tasks and routines. In this way everyone at Mid-South has something to teach and everyone at Mid-South has something to learn.

The leadership team was not simply looking for clever words when they set out to solidify and hone their core values. They were looking to improve the workplace while also creating a clear career path for developing every employee in the company. By improving the organization and its people they are convinced that growth and success will continue to come to Mid-South and its business partners. This redefinition of core values is helping to preserve Mid-South’s legacy and builds on its original foundation with the intent of making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

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