The Keys to Great Customer Service at Mid-South Roof Systems

Top view flat roof with air conditioners and hydro insulation membranes on top of a modern apartment building with green football field summer day.
Top view flat roof with air conditioners and hydro insulation membranes on top of a modern apartment building with green football field summer day.

We know that customers want to be treated like a person instead of a number, especially if they encounter a complex and potentially costly commercial roofing problem. 

We understand that you could be facing a stressful situation when you call the Mid-South Roof Systems teams for assistance. Whether you need help taking care of a leak over valuable inventory — or because you’re unsure about the re-roofing or repair process, our focus is on offering exceptional customer service to each person that calls, emails, or visits. 

For Mid-South, providing an excellent customer experience is our top priority. 

We Lead with Kindness and Empathy 

We know that you may be facing a challenging and complex situation, so we make sure to start every interaction with a smile and positive tone and put ourselves in your shoes. By exhibiting kindness and empathy, we hope to remove the stress that can accompany a frustrating roofing situation and get right to meeting your needs. 

Our Team Keeps Proper Records of All Interactions 

Have you ever called a business about a past problem, only to find out that the customer service representative never documented the details of the original issue? This likely left you feeling deflated and frustrated. We know that repeating the same information to another point of contact is a crucial issue for customers. According to Zendesk, a customer service software company, 71% of consumers believe company staff should collaborate internally, so they don’t have to repeat information to different representatives. 

At Mid-South Roof Systems, we keep records of every client interaction. This includes detailed contact information, the issue being experienced, action items, and other relevant information to ensure a smooth process if another teammate needs to take over. 

We also take photos of any issues we encounter on the roof and attach them to your records. This step keeps everyone on the team on the same page for each client’s request. 

We believe in the importance of collaboration and cooperation. Both are essential elements of one of our core values: Forward Together. 

You Can Expect Us to Ask the Right Questions 

Customer service at Mid-South is centered around asking the right questions. Whether you’re a prospective new client who is building a new facility, or a long-time customer that needs a re-roof or repairs, we know that you may need some guidance on how to get the help you need. So, we ask detailed questions about your roofing needs so that we can create a customized solution.

You Can Count on Us to Consistently Follow-up 

We know that following up increases trust and respect. If an MSRS team member has told you that we’ll call back within a few hours, we’ll fulfill that promise. If you’ve left us a voicemail, our team will strive to follow up within twenty-four hours of hearing it. We know that your roofing needs are urgent and could be pausing the operation of your business, so we work hard to honor the urgency of your request. 

The Right Way

Another of our core values is “The Right Way”. The Right Way is defined as “Being committed to integrity by doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons at all times.” For us, offering exceptional customer service that highlights empathy and allows us to create an effective strategy for solving your roofing needs is not only the right way but the only way. 

If you’re looking for a commercial roofing company that prioritizes the customer experience, we invite you to allow the Mid-South team to help. Call us at 404-882-2588 to get started. 

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