Should You Be Repairing, Patching, or Replacing your Roof?

Top view flat roof with air conditioners and hydro insulation membranes on top of a modern blue and orange apartment building sunny summer day.
Top view flat roof with air conditioners and hydro insulation membranes on top of a modern blue and orange apartment building sunny summer day.

 Most commercial roof systems  last between 20 and 30 years. However, weather, climate, and age can significantly impact your roof’s lifespan. In order to protect your inventory and your employees, it is essential that you understand when it’s time to perform minor repairs, or major repairs, or replace your commercial roof. The Mid-South Roof Systems team has decades of experience working with commercial roofs, and we’re excited to share what we know with you. Continue reading for some tips on knowing which option is the best for your commercial roofs. 

The Damage Level 

If your roof was recently damaged, understanding the extent of the damage will help you know whether a repair or replacement makes sense. For example, if severe weather caused a small hole that’s allowing water into your building, then a patch  is most likely all you need. On the other hand, extensive damage that impacts the structure of your roof or building could lead to a more extensive repair or even call for roof replacement. 

The Age of Your Roof 

Commercial roofs typically last 20 to 30 years., If your roof is only a few years old, you may be able to get by with a patch or light repair. We recommend annual or biannual inspections of your roof to allow you to better estimate when it’s time to replace versus repair your roof system.  

The Cost of Repair Versus Replacement 

If there is a significant amount of damage, it may be best to consider the costs of repair versus replacement.  If your building has experienced damage by elements like hail or high winds, replacement of your roof may be a wise economic decision.

The Initial Installation Was Done Incorrectly

Mistakes happen. If the original installation of your roof was poorly done, you may need to consider a replacement instead of a repair. Your roof contributes to the overall structural integrity  of your commercial property. It’s essential to watch for any significant issues once installation is complete. 

For example, if you discover a leak post-installation, it’s crucial that you thoroughly evaluate the problem. A simple leak could point to a more serious issue. If you discover that a major mistake happened during installation, we recommend a deeper investigation of the roof system. If you are unsure of the severity of the issue, give Mid-South a call for a consultation. We can help you determine the best plan of action for your building. 

Our Commercial Roofing Services

For decades, the Mid-South Roof Systems team has helped business owners install well-crafted and trustworthy commercial roof systems. Our team can help you start the commercial roofing and maintenance process. If you’re unsure whether a patch, repair, or replacement is the best option for you, we can help! If you need a roof assessment to determine the best course of action, contact us.

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