Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters


Your commercial roof’s gutter system plays a critical role in preserving your roof. Low-slope commercial roofs are especially susceptible to standing water, also known as “ponding”, when gutters and drains are not doing the job properly. Ponding water on your roof can add considerable weight and pressure to your roof system, leading to leaks and structural weakness. Being proactive with gutter maintenance can prevent many hassles and expensive roof repairs. Our experts at Mid-South Roof Systems can help evaluate your gutter system to ensure it is functioning properly. 

Gutter Upkeep

  • Schedule Roof and Gutter Inspections Annually–Catching issues early on can limit damage and safeguard your building when the next storm hits. After inspecting the roof for damage, our inspector can evaluate your gutter system to make sure that the support structure is keeping the gutter system secure. Gutters can pull away from your roof and stop functioning properly if they are not securely fastened. Our inspectors will look carefully for any separations or breaks between the seams. 
  • The downspouts connected to your gutters are especially important because they carry the water away from your building’s foundation. Since downspout exits are visible at ground level, it’s recommended that you make a habit of checking them monthly in between professional inspections to help avoid any flooding. 
  • Clean Out Your Gutters at Least Once Per Year–Since commercial gutters have large openings, they can collect more debris than residential gutters. Commercial gutters may need to be cleaned more frequently if trees overhang your building. Ideal gutter cleaning times are early spring and late fall. Clean gutters in the spring help your gutter system do its job during the spring rains. Cleaning in the late fall helps minimize the chance of ice forming in your gutters during the winter months. 
  • Take Steps to Minimize Debris and Damage–Branches falling on your roof can cause considerable damage to your roof’s membrane and clog up your gutters. Being proactive about debris control can help you avoid frequent gutter cleaning and prevent roof system damage. If you have trees hanging over your building, consider hiring a professional tree service to trim branches at least three feet back from the roof edge. MID-SOUTH DOES NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF GUTTER GUARDS/SCREENS.

Whether you need support with gutter maintenance or a professional roof inspection, the team at Mid-South Roof Systems can help. Schedule your visit today!



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